söndag 1 januari 2017

Jpop: Top 20 of 2016

The year of 2016 in Japanese pop has for me been less idols and more electronic and synth songs. Still a lot of strange and freaky, but in a more tempered way.
So here is my top 20 songs in some kind of order.

20. Ladybaby - Renge Chance! The bearded Australian doing maid cosplay with a heavy metal voice returned with an ode to ramen! Of course!

19. Natsu no Mamono. Cos-players and crazy live festival organizers, one has to love their videos, so full of just plain fun.

18. Awesome City Club. I like their sound, full of air and happiness.

17. Sasanomaly. Yes, the music is fine, but really, it is the videos you can't miss. They are arts-and-crafty litter masterpieces!

16. Fake - You. At first I felt like, hmm, it's OK for this kind of model group. But go beyond the surface and the song is a polished pop hit that has no unused space.

15. Haraeki Stage Ace - Rockstar. Passion and energy in this fighting track. Now can you please start posting full videos...?!

14. Suchmos - Stay Tune. It was like Jamiroquai had landed in a pop song in a good way.

13. C-ute - Dreamlike Climax. Mixing classical music and pop may sound odd, but it worked really well for C-ute, the drama of song and dance harmonizing with the classic melody.

12. Stereo Japan - Dancing Again. Good song but those breaks with super funky sounds made all the difference.

11. Babymetal. An anticipated comeback for the jpop metal girls, with The One and Karate holding up to expectations.

10. Oyasumi Hologram - Neuromancer. This indie duo delivered a track with a superb nerve that really made it stand out.

9. Reol - Give me a break Stop now. She finally showed herself in a full video, and such a great video it was - cool and catchy, so a great way to debut!

8. Cherrsee - White Shirt. While this is unabashed "Brave Sound in Japanese", it is still high quality and polished pop.

7. Czecho No Republic - Dream Beach Sunset. When they get their synths right, CNR is such a great group. Like here.

6. Cicada - Yes. The voice and the sound of "Yes" is soft and inviting, silent passion in harmony.

5. Have A Nice Day! ft New World's Girlfriend - New Romance. This song proves again that feeling and that extra 'it' always beats static perfection.

4. Taemin - Sayonara Hitori. Even though the video sometimes passes over to gaming territory, it is still a great ballad, with drama and a song without dead spots.

3. Niji no Conquistador - ↓Alien Girl in New York↑. The passion and the humor made me instantly love this song by the idol girls of Niji no Conquistador.

2. Frederic. The group may not have changed their basic concept so much, but "Only Wonder" was another great example of their trademark sound, and I do think their later "Night Step" marks a new step in a kind of darker and fresh direction.

1. Metafive. Even though the participating artists may have seen their best days, the stylish mega-group had high expectations on it when it debuted early this year, but they have surely delivered. Both "Luv U Tokio" and "Musical Chairs" are music perfection.

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