lördag 31 december 2016

Mandopop: Hebe Tien / Zhang Xiaoqi - Useless (無用)

The first image above and below is of Zhang Xiaoqi, the other two of Hebe Tien.

Earlier this year, Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien (from S.H.E) released the song "Useless", which was kind of nice. This autumn she went on to participate in the TV-show "Sound of my Dream"(梦想的声音) as one of the judges/teachers. The show is novel for a music show in the sense that it isn't quite a competition as more of an "open" arena where singers are invited. The high point of the first months came last week when Zhang Xiaoqi (张小七) sang "Useless" in a fantastic interpretation that surpassed the original. Not much is known about her, but it is rumored that she works with accounting in her family business, and sings on her free time at the local bar. Anyway, I do hope this is one voice I expect to hear much more of.

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