lördag 27 augusti 2016

Jpop: Yumemiru Adolescence (夢みるアドレセンス)

I will say that most of what Yumemiru Adolescence has produced is neither unique nor exceedingly good, although charming and above average. No what makes me want to mention them is their latest "Leadership", which has a nice gimmick going as everything is filmed in a 45 degree angle. This used to the outmost to make it interesting. Combine this with excellent and a bit more restrain in the intensity of deliverance, and you have a jpop video well worth watching.

  • Yumemiru Adolescence - Leadership (リーダーシップ)
  • Yumemiru Adolescence - Tell Me Schrodinger (おしえてシュレディンガー)
  • Yumemiru Adolescence - Fantastic Parade (ファンタスティックパレード)
  • Yumemiru Adolescence - Dance Gene! (舞いジェネ!)

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