fredag 1 april 2016

Mandopop: Top 10 for the first quarter of 2016

As usual for mandopop, the top songs is an odd mixture of foreign influences, humoristic videos and local KTV songs. And some songs that actually would work outside China. ;-)

10. Wang Rong - Mr High Heels. For Wang Rong, this is an understated video made in connection to the transsexual comedy Mr Highheels, but it is still rather humorous.

9. Da Zhang Wei - Shout Shout (咻一咻). One of the catchier songs released around the Chinese New Year this february, Da Zhang Wei has done several fun videos before.

8. Sophia Wang - Versailles Tears (凡爾賽之淚). The new song from Sophia Wang sounded just like a modern fairy tale, you can just imagine it being the theme song for a romance.

7. One Two Free - Kiang. These two guys are really cool and funny at the same time, and the song named after the worlds larges wild ass is just that,

6. Zhengyue Shiwu - Little Grape (小葡萄). Released at the time of this year's Lunar Festival, the group with the same name made precisely the kind of KTV (Chinese karaoke) song that is a kind of guilty pleasure for me - catchy, charming and quite cheesy.

5. Jeannie Hsieh - Boom Boom Par (蹦X趴). Jeannie have done videos best described as saucy and fun, and this one may be her best so far, tha cat theme and the bad engrish (Foremost of course "Come some of the music") just made this video being replayed quite often.

4. Mao Ze Shao - Shake your ass & Naked. This woman haven't gotten that much attention but oh does she have songs with rhythm and swing! Albeit simple videos, the songs are both great.

3. Leah Dou - Brother (兄弟). Being a daughter of a HK star (Faye Wong), she may have an easier way towards getting attention, but she very much stands on her own feet as an artist.

2. No Party For Cao Dong - Mountain and Sea (山海). This band definitely delivered the most fresh sound of the top 10 songs, and I really hope they will continue do so.

1. Milk@Coffee - We're missing just a little (我們只差一點點). This song sounds what I would call "Old School", but the reminiscing melancholy being done to perfection with this sound is just what makes them my number one this spring.

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