söndag 23 augusti 2015

Jpop: Ringo Shiina - God, nor Buddha (神様、仏様)

Possibly the woman with most swagger and raspy coolness in Japan, Ringo Shiina, has collaborated several times before with the jazz sextet Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, but this time around it is in a video that is a complete wet dream for anyone interested in (modern) Japanese pop culture, or indeed pop art in general. It is four minutes of eyegasm and it doesn't matter that I personally wouldn't listen to her songs audio only because her charisma is such a high level that her performances excuses her musical idiosyncrasies. This is pure music video perfection.
PS She co-released the equally interesting "No Verão, as Noites (長く短い祭)" which sadly is ultimately spoiled by the wholly unnecessary and excessive (I would almost say vulgar) use of auto-tune. DS

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