torsdag 18 juni 2015

Kpop: Tiger JK ft Yoon Mi Rae - Forever (반가워요)

I am greatly sympathetic for what Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and all their allies (as in MFBTY for example) stand for in contrast to the usual kpop, but still the music doesn't quite do it for me in the long run (not much rap does). So even though I liked their videos this winter (especially Bang Diggy Bang Bang) it wasn't enough for me to add them to the list of "listanable" music. It is ironic then that the new Forever is the first song that does it for me, as it is slow songs that most often is no-no's for me in most east asian music. The melancholy in Tiger JK's song for his fans suits the visual theme perfectly and it is somehow more "believable" than the videos before that was more of fantasies. The ethereal song of his wife Yoon Mirae contrast nicely and all in all I think it's a great piece of contemporary korean hip hop.

  • Tiger JK ft Yoon Mi Rae - Forever (반가워요)
  • MFBTY (Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, Bizzy) - Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방) 
  • Tiger JK ft Jinsil of Mad Soul Child - Reset 
  • MFBTY ft EE & Rap Monster - Buckubucku (부끄부끄)

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