fredag 22 maj 2015

Mandopop: Da Mouth - Loser & What The... (魯蛇 & 有事嗎?)

After Da Mouth's glorious piece of retro disco last month, "Funky Girl", the next release was "What The...". It was greally nice too (those bitpop sounds...), but the shadow from even better Funky Girl made me hesitate as it felt like a "weaker" follow up/copy. Now "Loser" is here, and suddenly the persective changes - the retro looks is the central theme - and the three tracks creates a whole that's just superb and heaven! "Loser" is also almost on par with "Funky Girl", so this a perfect friday blog post. Dance, dance, dance. ;-) ;-) (PS This week's episode May 19th of Xiaoyan Night has Da Mouth visiting DS)

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