söndag 8 mars 2015

Mandopop: Pang Mailang (龐麥郎)

From the start, it should be obvious to even non-mandarin speakers that Pang can't sing. He also sings with a strong southern dialect, and off-beat... And the song is about a pair of skateboard shoes he desperately longs for... This is a really big viral hit in China, and has given new defintion to the term "diaosi" (屌丝), in a very modern and ironic way, with people loving to do various interpretations of it in a somehow loving way when something that everyone can relate to is described in such a humiliating way. Combine this with a media campaign where his age and background is fabricated in an obvious way to invite specualtion (also, observe the video - it's obviously much more calculated than one would think at first) and you have here a kind of phenomena that is another sign of China being very much a modern place (yees, it's not just positive, I know... ;-P)

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