torsdag 7 februari 2013

Jpop: Perfume (パフューム)

Perfume is one of the Japanese groups that has reached a certain recognition outside Japan (for example, they featured in the latest Disney Cars (its Polyrhythm) movie). Started in 2001, the three female members has become known for their sound which is a electropop sound that heavily relies on vocoders and auto-tune, something that predictable has earned them negative critique from those that says it is not "real" music. Which it of course is. The main "culprit" behind this sound is Yasutaka Nakata, who also founded Capsule, but it is with Perfume he really went mainstream (for comparison, see Perfume before(2002) and after(2004) and then later (2005) ). My view is that they make quite stylish music that is quite likable. It *can* get a little bit to much of the same at times, but I always come back for them when I want something harmonic and relaxing.

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